Tattoo Pics – Where can you find them?

   Tattoo Pics. HELP, I NEED IDEAS!!!!!! In the 20th century tattoos were considered to be the art of the convicts because of this, if someone wanted to get a tattoo they would have it placed on their body where it could be easily hidden. Most people at the time didn’t want to take pictures of their private parts to show off their tattoo, which made it difficult to find tattoo pics.

  People that wanted to get a tattoo in the 20th century would either have to know an artist that could see their vision or use the tattooist’s own templates. The downfall with using the tattooist’s templates is you don’t know how many people have that same tattoo in your area.

  Thankfully it’s the 21st century and today tattoos are becoming more and more accepted. You can walk down the street and show off your body art and most of the time if you have a nice one people will stop you to admire it and ask you about it. Now people are more than willing to take pics of their tattoos to show them off, even pics of their tattoos on their private parts. Because of this you can find tattoo pics just about anywhere even when you’re not trying to.

  The Internet is also a great place to find tattoo pics. There is an increasing amount of tattoo shops and artists posting pics and artwork. Little do people know is that a lot of the artwork posted hasn’t even been tattooed on anyone it was some artist’s vision that was placed on paper but not on skin.  This is a great resource for artfully challenged people like myself to find ideas for their next tattoo. You can even take 2 or more pics to your tattooist and have them integrated to make one tattoo.

  If you are looking for your next tattoo idea and want to look at some tattoo pics I have found 2 great sites that can help you with just that. They are continually adding pics to their sites as well as other products. When it comes to getting a tattoo you can never have to much research, so check them out and enjoy your next tattoo.


  P.S. I am constantly getting stopped on the street so people can admire my tattoos and I love it, it’s great to be alive in the 21st century.

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